The Pioner 14 Fisher is our newest model. It combines classical lines and exceptional driver comfort with modern details and a beautiful finish. Rope cleats have been integrated into the hull of the boat. A practical space on the port side is suitable for long objects, such as a boat hook and fishing rod. On the starboard side there is a space for smaller items, such as mobile telephones and wallets. The boat also has a battery area, space for a fuel tank under the stern thwart, and additional storage space under the middle thwart. The boat has considerable buoyancy and high flooring, and is perfect for today’s 4-stroke engines. A high freeboard allows you to remain dry and comfortable, even in the presence of waves. Pioner 14 Fisher is a spacious 14 foot boat for four people. Active boaters will gain a considerable amount of pleasure from this boat.

For fiskere av fiskere

För fiskare av fiskare
Väri none ...
Standardfarge|Standardfärg|Standard colour|Vakioväri|Standardfarbe||Standard colour|
Moottori none ...
Uten motor|Utan motor|No engine|Ilman moottoria|Ohne Motor||No engine|
9,9/15HK med rorkult|9,9/15HK med rorkult|15HP with tiller|9,9/15HV kahvaohjauksella|9,9/15 PS mit Pinne||15HP with tiller|
9,9/15HK for styrekonsoll|9,9/15HK för styrpulpet|15HP Steering console|9,9/15HV Moottori kaukohallintalaitteella|9,9/15 PS für Steuerkonsole||15HP Steering console|
25HK med rorkult|25HK med rorkult|25HP with tiller |25hv kahvaohjauksella|25 PS mit Pinne||25HP with tiller |
25HK for styrekonsoll|25HK för styrpulpet|25HP Steering console|25hv Moottori kaukohallintalaitteella|25 PS für Steuerkonsole||25HP Steering console|
Ohjauspulpetti & Istuimet none ...
Styrekonsoll|Styrpulpet|Steering console|Ohjauspulpetti|Steuerkonsole||Steering console|
Vindskjermbøyle|Vindrutebåge|Windscreen rail|RST Tuulilasin kaari|Halte-/Schutzbügel f. Windschutzscheibe||Windscreen rail|
Ryggstøtte med puterull|Ryggstöd inkl. dynrulle|Back support|Selkänoja, sis tyyny|Rückenlehne||Back support|
Muut laitteet none ...
Lanternemast|Lanternmast|Lantern mast|Valomasto|Laternenmast||Lantern mast|
Targabøyle med ryggstøtte og puterull|Targabåge inkl. Ryggstöd|A-Frame incl. backsupport|Targakaari, sis selkänoja tyynyllä|Targabügel inkl. Rückenlehne||A-Frame incl. backsupport|
Rekkesett front|Sidoräcken för|Rails fore|RST sivukaiteet keulaan, sis haievät|Reling Bug||Rails fore|
Rekkesett akter|Sidoräcken akter|Rails stern|RST sivukaiteet perään|Reling Heck||Rails stern|
Brakett til ekkolodd|Givarfäste till ekolod|Bracket for sonar|Anturiteline kaikuanturille|Sensorhalter für Echolot ||Bracket for sonar|
Lisävaihtoehtoja none ...
No option detected for the component. You need at least one option per component.
Service none ...
No option detected for the component. You need at least one option per component.
Motorguide none ...
Uten baugmontert el-motor|Utan bogmonterad elmotor|No motorguide|No motorguide|||No motorguide|
Pakke 1 -12V "Portabel"|Paket 1 -12V "Portabel"|MotorGuide 12V Portabel|MotorGuide 12V Portabel|||MotorGuide 12V Portabel|
Pakke 2 -12V "Landstrøm"|Paket 2 -12V "Landström"|MotorGuide 12V LandstromXi3-70 60" 24V|MotorGuide 12V LandstromXi3-70 60" 24V|||MotorGuide 12V LandstromXi3-70 60" 24V|
Pakke 3 -24V "Landstrøm"|Paket 3 -24V "Landström"|MotorGuide 24V LandstromXi3-70 60" 24VXi3-70 60" 24V|MotorGuide 24V LandstromXi3-70 60" 24VXi3-70 60" 24V|||MotorGuide 24V LandstromXi3-70 60" 24VXi3-70 60" 24V|
Ferskvann|Färskvatten|Fresh water|Fresh water|||Fresh water|
Saltvann|Saltvatten|Salt water|Salt water|||Salt water|